The ‘cassadors’ of democracy are in a hurry again – 10/14/2021 – Reinaldo Azevedo

Let us excite the fury of the executioners. Three issues that have inflamed part of the columnism and the press make me certain that it is necessary to adapt Talleyrand’s famous phrase about the Bourbons, when they returned to power in France, during the so-called “Restoration”, to local color.

I refer, in our case, to Davi Alcolumbre’s resistance to marking André Mendonça’s hearing, to the changes made to the previously disorganized Administrative Misconduct Law and to the PEC that changes the composition of the National Council of the Public Ministry (CNMP).

“They didn’t learn anything; they have forgotten nothing,” Talleyrand said. That is to say: all the serious events experienced by Europe, in particular France, in 25 years had taught nothing to the nice people who were returning to power. And they continued to harass the usual suspects.

Around here, about certain niches of the press, something even worse can be said: they learned nothing and forgot everything. The devastated land on which we roam, cursed inheritance of a continuous work of destroying institutional spaces for conflict resolution — that so-called “policy” — still seems little.

I see, for example, some stubborn columnists doing a real work of press office for Sergio Moro. Behold, the figure of Dom Sebastião reemerges from the mists. It did not disappear in heroic battle. He left his gown to serve Jair Bolsonaro, with whom he fell out, and went to earn a living in the US, from where he threatens to return to educate the natives. Yes, the car wash is trying to get back on its feet. And then anything goes.

It is even worth ignoring André Mendonça’s biography because, after all, the “terribly evangelical” made, let’s say, an agenda adjustment with the valiant Republic of Curitiba. The then-minister of Justice’s continuous attacks on freedom of expression, seeking to criminalize it, and the frequency with which he treated crimes such as freedom of expression are nullified by the commitment to “fighting corruption”, which has become, in Brazil, the whore of the rule of law—with all due respect to whores.

On July 7, Bolsonaro even said that he has a kind of recorded testimony of Mendonça, in a meeting with the government’s top, in which, it is understood, the candidate for the Supreme Court swore allegiance not to the duty of justice, but to turn power. And? Mendonça was adopted by the “Lava-jatista Millenarianism”, and his acts of prejudice against democracy are forgiven. And, of course!, the suspect became Davi Alcolumbre, who resists marking the date of the hearing, within what is guaranteed, it should be noted, by the legal system.

The late – and correct – change in the Law of Impropriety is treated, by these same niches, as leniency with corruption because, look! Oh my God! Go to Houaiss. Go back, if necessary, to Latin. The synonym for dishonest is “dishonest”. Is it reasonable that the merely culpable error is not distinguished from the willful act?

There, voices of darkness cry out, who have given us Bolsonaro as an inheritance: “Ah, if you have to prove the intent, no one is punished”. It’s like saying: “Since we can’t hit our targets with criminal actions, let’s appeal to civil, where it is possible to convict without evidence.” The new text also sets a deadline for actions. It’s the right thing. Some drag on for 20 years. It is no longer a sense of justice, but attachment to hostages. Laws sanctioned by cornered presidents result in disasters: the law of improbity bears the signature of Collor; that of the whistleblower (criminal organizations), that of Dilma.

And we arrived at the PEC that changes the composition of the National Council of the Public Ministry (CNMP). It is a lie that the proposal, from the outset — and has already undergone changes — affects the independence of the MP, unlike what the union members in the sector say. Such a value judgment, however, makes up today the lead of reports that should only be informative. No right or else.

The corrupt hunters, converted into “cassadores” of democracy and fundamental rights, do not learn anything. And they forget everything. Let the curses begin!

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