The Church cannot change the sacrament of marriage, but accepts everyone

Marriage is a church sacrament between a man and a woman, but states have the ability to support any couple. About this the Pope Francis said on Wednesday during a press conference on board the plane upon returning from Slovakia.

“Marriage is a sacrament, this is clear, and the church does not have the authority to change the sacraments. But people of a different sexual orientation need to be helped, it is important to help without changing the nature of the church. confidence in hereditary issues and health issues. They are the same people, but marriage remains a marriage, and civil laws – civil laws, “- said the pontiff.

At the same time, he mentioned the Civil Solidarity Pact in force in France and regulates civil unions, and not only same-sex ones. The Pope stressed that this has nothing to do with marriage, which can only be between a man and a woman. “The Lord loves everyone, but don’t expect the church to abandon his legacy,” Francis said.

He also said that at a meeting with the leadership of Hungary in Budapest, where on September 12 he took part in the closing of the International Eucharistic Congress, the President of the country Janos Ader and the prime minister Victor Orban talked about the new Hungarian law, which is aimed at supporting young families. “I asked about the average age, because I am worried about the demographic winter: in Italy, the average age is 47 years. The president spoke and spoke about the law to help young families,” Francis said. He added that he discussed environmental issues with the Hungarian leadership, but did not touch on the topic of migration. As you know, the Pope and Prime Minister Orban differ on the last position. The Hungarian prime minister said after the meeting that he had asked the pontiff “to prevent the death of Christian Hungary.”

Earlier, Hungary passed a law prohibiting the display of same-sex relationships in educational materials or television shows intended for persons under 18 years of age. In Brussels, Budapest is accused of violating the rights of sexual minorities.


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