The Church of Sweden has elected its new council

On Sunday, some 5 million Lutheran faithful voted for the assembly in charge of their Church’s finances.


This Sunday was voting day in Sweden. Elderly people, couples and sometimes entire families went to the polling station, and made their choice on a display lined up with an impressive number of ballots… “These are both local, regional and national electionsExplains Simon, who guides voters to the ballot box, where the envelopes are slipped and the vote recorded in a large register. An election almost like the others, except that Pastor Simon wears a white collar and that we are in the presbytery of the church of Högalid, where, like every four years, the kyrkovalet, or elections of the Church, took place. from Sweden.

«It is a fairly unique system that we inherited from the time when we were a State Church, until 2000, and we wanted to keep it to clearly show that we were a Church of the people, where democracy reigns.“, Recalls Jiang Millington, specialist in this electoral process within the church.

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