The coalition announces the launch of Operation Happy Freedom of Yemen… and responds to the “false video” incident

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Yemen announced, on Tuesday, the launch of the “Happy Freedom of Yemen” operation, and the coalition stated that the operation was launched this morning on all fronts.

The spokesman for the coalition, Brigadier General Turki Al-Maliki, said in a press conference with Shabwa Governor Awad Al-Awlaki, that “it is not a military operation in the military term in the sense of war, but until it moves Yemen to development and prosperity,” and stressed that “the decent Yemeni people deserve life,” adding that “Yemen It deserves to be in the ranks of the Gulf countries.”

And about the video published by the coalition, on Saturday, and said that it shows a ballistic missile workshop in the port of Hodeidah, and the Houthi group described it as “fabricated from an American movie,” the spokesman said that it confirms “the approach of the joint leadership of the stable and permanent coalition regarding the operational path or media paths.” He continued, “We do not find anything wrong with if anything needs to be corrected. It is a moral and ethical obligation to have a correction.”

He said about the “false video” that “it was conducted in a wrong way by one of the sources,” and added: “We are dealing in an area of ​​operations, we have many sources, and this comes within the marginal error of dealing with the sources.”

He continued, “The fact that this movie is false from one of the sources does not mean that the Houthi militias do not use the port camps, nor that they do not use civilians for the purpose of protection.”

He stressed that “the Houthi violations are clear to everyone, and that the expert committee has proven that all weapons are smuggled from the Iranian regime to Yemen, whether they are from Hodeidah or the Arabian Sea.”


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