The confiscation of 68 sheep and the closure of two warehouses in violation of furniture in Makkah

The Secretariat of the Holy Capital represented by the sub-municipal Umrah confiscated today, 68 head of sheep during field tours in the area, and closed two furniture warehouses for violating technical requirements.

The municipality explained that the inspection tours resulted in the monitoring of a random popular beast in the Bir El-Ghanm area, which contains sheep pens and a slaughterhouse that operates without regular licenses and lacks health requirements; As it was immediately closed and 68 heads of assorted sheep were confiscated, and handed over to the representative of the slaughter units management to complete the necessary.

In another location, the supervisory teams in the Umrah Municipality were able to seize two warehouses in violation of technical requirements in the Abu Maragh area, where furniture is manufactured and recycled, and they operate without municipal permits.

The municipality indicated that the two sites were closed immediately, the means of transportation and equipment were withdrawn to the municipality headquarters, and the owner of the two warehouses was summoned to take legal measures against him and apply the list of penalties and fines followed.

The Municipalities Agency confirmed the continuation of the inspection tours of all shops related to public health and warehouses, and the application of regulations and instructions against violators.

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