The cost of fruits and vegetables in weekend markets raised questions

Baku tomatoes are the best tomatoes in the world. Cucumbers from black earth Tambov are also wow. Strawberries, cherries, young potatoes with dill and a bright Crimean onion – this is what June is associated with with us. However, buyers have to pay dearly for beautiful and tasty fruits and vegetables. And, alas, the cost of food at regional fairs is not so profitable for Muscovites …

Correspondents of “MK” compared prices for summer vegetables and fruits in stores, at weekend fairs and at wholesalers.

The season has come when you won’t surprise anyone with fresh vegetables and fruits all year round in Moscow – there would be money. To begin with, what the authorities never tire of talking about: weekend fairs. In theory, only representatives of farms from the regions should trade here directly. Without dealers, in particular, from wholesalers.

Fair in the south-west of the capital. The first thing that falls on the eye are berries. Strawberries and cherries, for which people are so hungry against the background of spring beriberi, are offered at 350 and 400 rubles, respectively – the berries are “Crimean, domestic” (well, if you believe the seller)!

They look beautiful. Taste a berry – perhaps a strawberry for that kind of money could be sweeter … With less tempting summer goods, there is also no attraction of unheard-of generosity. Young potatoes – the one that is “beautiful, not even peeled, but scraped!” – 100 rubles per kilo. A bunch of dill – 40 rubles, a bunch of green onions – 50 rubles. Young Crimean onions, bright and juicy, are also sold for 50 rubles per piece.

The Russians of the old school probably prefer to wait for the cucumbers and tomatoes from their own summer cottages. But for those who are less categorical, everything is ready: cucumbers – 140 rubles each. The price of tomatoes ranges from 130 to 180 rubles per kilo – depending on the size of the vegetable and the impudence of the seller.

In addition to weekend fairs, there are also interregional fairs and traditional, former collective farm markets in the capital. Here is the “interregional” in the prestigious Northern District – even on Saturday, when all of Moscow goes to the bazaar, it is free here. Vendors name regions that are pleasant to the ear – Lipetsk, Ryazan … But why are vegetables from Lipetsk, Ryazan and even Volgograd so identical “from the face”? If you ask the price, you understand why no one comes here: the price tag for decent tomatoes dances around the number “350”. Cucumbers – 150 rubles per kilogram; 120 RUB – young potatoes.

Everyone knows that vegetables and fruits are not very good in supermarkets. Like fake balloons: cute, but not fun. And yet, supermarkets remain the most “popular” places to buy this category of goods: firstly, it is convenient (to collect everything at once, just in one place), secondly, not everyone needs “gourmet” vegetables, and thirdly, in supermarkets of “folk” brands are usually cheaper. Well, let’s try the option without showing off: the store of the largest inexpensive chain. We ask the price – 109 rubles for young potatoes, 198 – for medium-sized tomatoes with no smell, 69 – a bunch of dill, cucumbers – from 120 to 168 rubles. The set is standard, the prices are the same. True, I must say, when a crop comes to us in the middle lane, in such stores there will be various tasty seasonal for inexpensive: for example, in 2020 ground green peppers were a hit for 60-80 rubles: half the price of multi-colored “Bulgarian”, and taste – eat away the mind!

Now let’s take a look at the premium supermarket. And we will find a lot in common with the haughty interregional fair. Baku pink tomatoes – 328 rubles for the action (without a discount it would be 428), Lukhovitsky cucumbers – 218 rubles per kilogram. But young potatoes are sold already in nets of 3 kg – for 294 rubles: in the end, it turns out even slightly cheaper than the hundreds that are asked at the fair. The simplest carrot – 192 rubles per package of 1.5 kg versus 80 rubles per kilogram at the weekend fair.

The same Crimean strawberries that are at the fair – 578 rubles per package of 450 grams (that is, more than a thousand per kilo!). A very “tempting” offer for cherries – 980 rubles per kilogram, and outside the action it would be 1798.

For a snack – an option for the well-known: our famous main wholesale and vegetable center in New Moscow. There really – if you don’t rush to the first counter, but pick a little and walk around – the prices are good: 150 rubles – such tomatoes, which “in the city” go for 350-400, young potatoes for 60, cherries – for 250 (so-so) and 350 (excellent) rubles per kilogram. The wholesale center has only two drawbacks: the first is difficult to reach if you live not in the south-west of Moscow and not in the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas, and the second, once you arrive, you cannot take less than a centner. Because the peaches and apricots are already beginning, the strawberries are in full swing, and here’s another dot with the branded churchkhela, and here’s another homemade adjika … With a shop near the house, though without gastronomic ecstasy, it’s somehow safer: you don’t know what kind of tomatoes there are on smell – that’s okay.

“The system of supplying vegetables and fruits in Moscow is tied to a very large percentage of us,” an employee of the administration of the wholesale complex told MK. – They take from us for weekend fairs, for “mezhregionalok”, for many retail chains, for all the remaining small vegetable stores. With a high degree of probability, strawberries, tomatoes, and even young potatoes will be in different markets virtually from the same truck. Large retailers with a car park are an exception, they can buy directly from suppliers. The markup made by different sellers is exclusively demand: in which area the store or market is located, how much will they buy there.

– The advantage is given to the one who has some special strings on supplies, and does not drag everything from the wholesale center, which is the same for the whole of Moscow, – said Natalya, the owner of a vegetable stand in the Northern Administrative District. – I am from Ukraine, I have such contacts, we are somehow moving around – but I can offer strawberries a little cheaper and much tastier than the others. If you could just go and buy everything at once – why would you need us then, right?

Summer vegetables and fruits flooded weekend markets: photo of price tags

Summer vegetables and fruits flooded weekend markets: photo of price tags

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