The court found it legal to dismiss the bailiff who confessed to misconduct on a polygraph

The Eighth General Jurisdiction Court of Cassation disappointed the former bailiff from Omsk, a certain K. The case when the truth not only hurts the eye, but spoils a career.

Since 2001, the citizen has served in the bailiff service, rose to the rank of head of the department. At some time, he was even considered as a candidate for a serious promotion: for the post of deputy head of the regional department of the bailiff service.

However, in order to get a high position, it was necessary to pass a polygraph test. And then there was a hitch.

“To the questions posed about drinking alcohol while working, driving while intoxicated, committing criminal acts, he answered yes, since in his life these facts took place,” the case file says.

In other words, an honored person used to drink in the workplace, drive drunk and not always honor the Criminal Code. One can imagine his state of mind when, wrapped in wires, he squeezed out an unpleasant “yes” from himself.

Legally, a person is clean before the law. For punishment, a simple “yes” is not enough. However, the bailiff not only did not receive a promotion, but in the end was forced to remove the uniform altogether. The fact is that last year there was a major reform: the status of the bailiff service was sharply increased. It became an enforcement agency. As a result, the requirements for the employees of the department have also increased.

Legally, a person is clean before the law. The answer on the polygraph: “Yes, I violated” is not enough to punish. But he can no longer wear a uniform

If, according to the old standards, a bailiff who had been talking on a polygraph, even if he would not have received a promotion, but could have remained in his previous position, then according to the new rules he did not even match his old chair.

From a citizen of the boss, he turned into a citizen of a retirement. And the personnel officers, in addition to this, made a note about the signs of deviant behavior in the conclusion about the professional suitability of the citizen. With such a certificate, it will be difficult to get a job in other state structures.

The courts dismissed the citizen’s claims. His dismissal is not subject to appeal. The work entrusted to the bailiffs can only be done by disciplined professionals.


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