The death toll from a missile attack on a fuel station in Marib has risen to 21

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The death toll from a missile attack on a fuel station in the city of Ma’rib has risen to 21, according to the official Yemeni News Agency (Saba).

“Saba” news agency quoted a medical source as saying that “two children were among the victims of the Holocaust, perpetrated by the Iranian-backed terrorist militia yesterday, by targeting the fuel station in Al-Rawda neighborhood in the city of Marib with a ballistic missile and a booby-trapped plane, the girl Lian Taher Muhammad Ayedh (5 years) and the child Hassan Al-Hubaishi ( 10 years).

The medical source indicated that there were other wounded civilians.

Violent confrontations are taking place near the disputed city of Ma’rib in the northeast of the country, as Houthi forces are trying to seize control of the city from forces loyal to the Yemeni government.

Earlier on Sunday, Acting US Ambassador to Yemen Kathy Westley said, in a tweet via the official account of the US Embassy in Yemen via Twitter: “We are appalled by the Houthis’ use of a ballistic missile to destroy the fuel station in Marib, which caused the killing and wounding of civilians, and attacking A crew of a car was coming to rescue the wounded by a drone.”

Westley added that this inhumane violence must end.

Meanwhile, the British ambassador to Yemen, Michael Aaron, described in his official Twitter account what happened as “horrific”, calling on the Houthis to stop the attack on Marib, and to enter seriously into the United Nations talks to resolve the crisis in Yemen.


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