The desperate fight of “King Bibi” to save his throne

STORY – After twelve years in power, the irremovable Prime Minister still hopes to resist “everything but Bibi”.

Correspondent in Jerusalem.

Benjamin Netanyahu has lost control of Israeli politics. He is overwhelmed on all fronts. To the left, to the center, to the right and to the right of the right. The constitution on paper of a TSB government (“everything except Bibi”) is a massive blow for him and for his supporters. The many diehard fans who support him as football fans willing to forgive mistakes and setbacks are stunned. The “King Bibi” is losing his throne. The hard core of its supporters will not let go. He almost feels like an orphan when the others are in shock. “We had a leader who runs the country with strength and conviction. He is the victim of a cabal. I do not feel reassured ” comments a taxi driver from North Africa.

With twelve years of uninterrupted reign on the clock, fifteen years in total and twenty-five of presence in the corridors of power, Benjamin Netanyahu is a major figure in the state

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