The destructive ghost of Iranian defenses .. the “hammer” of the US army in any possible war

Two weeks ago, Iran released photos and video footage of what it described as a new Revolutionary Guard base armed with cruise and ballistic missiles and “electronic warfare” equipment. A report on state television described the base as a “missile city”.

On the other hand, the “National Interest” magazine says that the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) takes what Iran is doing very seriously, for several reasons. The magazine referred to what it described as the “hammer of the American army” to counter this.

The magazine says that the Iranian army possesses Russian-made S-400 air defenses, small boats, nearly four thousand tanks, more than a hundred combat aircraft, nearly thirty submarines, and a large arsenal of short and medium-range ballistic missiles.

“Iran has an emerging nuclear threat, regional ambitions, supports and funds groups against the United States (…) and is overtly maneuvering to intimidate or threaten safe maritime passage in the Strait of Hormuz,” she added.

Assuming a war is waged, any successful military campaign against Iran will depend almost entirely on the ability to quickly achieve air supremacy, which would require the destruction of the Russian-made S-400 and S-300 air defenses.

The magazine explains that these weapons, depending on how modernized of course, pose very serious threats, because they are associated with faster digital processor networks, radar with wider apertures, and much longer ranges.

The magazine believes that the attack campaign against Iran will rely directly on the stealth aircraft (F-35 fighter), saying that it can open a corridor for a large-scale air attack.

The magazine says air superiority is needed before it can hit fourth-generation or less stealthy aircraft.

“The F-35 may be a particularly suitable option given that the Russian S-400 missile system is transportable on the roads, and thus can be easily repositioned,” she said.

It noted that the F-35 is maneuverable and capable of tracking and shooting down mobile air defense targets, and has unique and probably unparalleled capabilities to destroy the S-400 mobile missile system.

The networked F-35s can share information in real time through the multifunctional advanced data link, and can use long-range targeting sensors to help find and then destroy Iranian air defenses on the go, according to the National Interest.

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