the disappointed set sail for Spain, Belgium or Romania

TESTIMONIALS – Outside of foreign countries, Pass pass holders will be able to continue in 2e year of license, then try their luck again. But few believe it.

Léna, 18, had dreamed of it since she was little. “My grandfather was a doctor. He always told me his stories of guards», Says this student in Lyon in Pass (specific health access course). A formation which, since September, replaces the Paces. Composed of a major in health and a minor in another discipline – from biology to math, including law or Staps – the Pass is supposed to pave the way for the recruitment of diverse profiles. A sort of dual license. On paper, it makes it possible not to leave students behind, by allowing them to continue – in the event of failure in the first year competition – in 2e year of license in the chosen minor, and then to try again his luck in health.

«With the reform of health studies, the health crisis and the lack of doctors, we were told that the universities were going to open the floodgates in the squares, that it was the ideal year to try medicine., explains the young girl. We also thought they would be

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