The Economist now sees Christ the Redeemer without air, under Bolsonaro – 06/03/2021 – Nelson de Sá

The new edition only hit the internet this Thursday (3), but some of the special material about Brazil from The Economist magazine was already circulating in media social, in financial market profiles, one day before.

It once again brings the altered image of Christ the Redeemer in regional layer, aimed at Latin America —but not in the main layer, for the rest of the world, which addresses “The new geopolitics of business” dominated by US and Chinese companies.

Now the statue in Corcovado breathes with an oxygen tube, in the pandemic.

In an editorial entitled “Brazil’s dark decade”, the magazine says that “Bolsonaro is not the only reason his country is in a hole”, opining that “the political system that helped him win the job needs reform deep”.

The special notebook, with ten pages produced by the correspondent Sarah Maslin, covers topics such as the economy, corruption, the Amazon and prospects for Brazil.

In the opening text, “The captain and his country”, Maslin points out that “Brazil is retreating” and assesses that “Bolsonaro and Covid-19 are just the latest in a decade of disasters”. In short, “Brazil is facing its biggest crisis since the return to democracy in 1985”.

On economics, with the title “A dream postponed”, he states that, “After a generation of progress, social mobility is decreasing”. Closing the notebook, with a photo associating Bolsonaro with Hitler, he says it’s “Time to go” and “the future depends on the elections” next year.

He reaffirms that reforms are needed, fighting corruption, defending the Amazon, “but it will be difficult to change the course of Brazil while Bolsonaro is president. The most urgent priority is to get him out by vote.”

The section coincides with the promotion of an event about the country, by the Economist, next week.

Changing the image of Christ the Redeemer is a resource that has already been used by the magazine on other occasions, with two of the most remembered covers (above): “O Brasil takes off”, from 2009, during the Lula administration, and “O Brasil has ruined everything?”, from 2013 , in the Dilma Rousseff government.

They were then also based on special notebooks about the country, each with 14 pages.

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