The effects of the new commodity boom for Brazil and the government; listen to podcast – 06/09/2021 – Podcasts

The rise in the prices of raw materials, such as oil, iron ore, soybeans and meat, should benefit Brazil for at least the next two years, analysts predict. Although it is still too early to nail the size of this new cycle of commodities, the perception of experts is that it will be less intense than the boom of the 2000s.

These products, which make up a large part of the Brazilian trade balance, have become more expensive on the international market due to the economic recovery in some countries – such as China, which demands more metals for investments in infrastructure.

The previous boom brought a growth cycle to Brazil and yielded political dividends for PT governments. Now, who can reap possible benefits is the Jair Bolsonaro government, on the eve of a presidential election.

This Wednesday’s Breakfast (8th) discusses the economic and political effects of this rise in commodity prices for Brazil. the columnist of leaf Vinicius Torres Freire explains how the economy can affect government approval and how this influences the opposition’s electoral strategy.

The audio program is published on Spotify, a partner streaming service for leaf in the initiative and which specializes in music, podcast and video. You can listen to the episode by clicking below. To access the app just register for free.

Listen to the episode:

The Café da Manhã is published from Monday to Friday, always at the beginning of the day. The episode is presented by journalists Bruno Boghossian and Maurício Meireles, with production by Jessica Maes, Laila Mouallem and Victor Lacombe. Sound editing is by Thomé Granemann.


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