The Egyptian artist Youssef Shaaban was infected with “Corona” and transferred to the hospital – politics – International Varieties

The Egyptian actor Youssef Shaaban was infected with the new Corona virus (Covid 19), as he was transported by ambulance to the Agouza Hospital in the Giza district.

It should be mentioned that Yusef Shaaban’s last statement was a response to the journalist Tamer Amin, who had an interview with him on his program “The End of the Day” angering a large number of Upper Egyptians, as he was suspended from media work and referred for investigation.

Youssef Shaaban told “Al-Watan” that it is neither necessary nor correct to offend the people of Upper Egypt, because they are a main pillar of the homeland, and they are a red line, and we must support them in what they are doing in building the country.

Shaaban indicated that the Egyptian drama strongly demonstrated the role of Upper Egypt and Sa`ada in hundreds of dramas, including films, series and plays.

The artist Youssef Shaaban is currently participating in filming the series “Hornet’s Nest” with artists Mustafa Shaaban and Amr Saad, to be shown in the Ramadan 2021 season, after an absence from the audience that lasted for 5 years.

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