The Elysee comments on the incident of “slapping” Macron… and the arrest of two men on charges of “assault”

The Elysee Palace has commented on the incident of a man slapping French President Emmanuel Macron during a tour in southeastern France, on Tuesday, while two men were imprisoned in connection with the assault.

The video shows the moment Macron approached a crowd to salute him, before being slapped by the man who was shouting “Down with the macaroni”, then security forces intervened to arrest the man and remove Macron.

The Elysee said in a statement to CNN that “a man has already tried to hit the President of the Republic,” adding: “We have no further comments at this stage. Interactions with the crowd and handshakes have resumed. The trip continues.”

Meanwhile, two 28-year-old men, the man who slapped Macron and another who was accompanying him, have been jailed for assaulting a person holding a public office, according to the Valence city prosecutor’s office.

Right-wing leader Marine Le Pen called the physical assault on the president “unacceptable”.

Macron’s tour comes less than a year before the presidential election, and weeks before the local elections. The French president had announced that he wanted to “go to the regions to feel the pulse of the people and communicate with them.”

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