the end of free tests, an ultimatum for the unvaccinated

TESTIMONIALS – While the non-prescribed tests become paid on Friday for the some six million French people who still refuse vaccination, some will have to give in, for lack of resources or for the good of their social life.

On social networks, the diehards are out: “I have not had a single test since the start of the pandemic and I will not be vaccinated no matter what. I’d rather live free like a savage than a domesticated», Warns an Internet user. “The wolves will not give in. Didn’t you understand that you won’t make sheep out of us?Another proudly. The entry into force of the paid tests will not discourage some: “antivax” one day, they will remain so, even if it means depriving themselves of restaurants, cultural outings or trips abroad. For others, however, it was the last argument that could convince (or force) them to receive the controversial injection.

Indeed, from this Friday, October 15, you will have to pay a minimum of 22 euros for an antigen test and 44 euros for a PCR test if you are not vaccinated and still want proof of health pass. They will, however, remain free for symptomatic people,

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