The EU wants a dialogue with the Russian Federation, but Moscow is not yet showing interest, says the head of the Austrian Foreign Ministry

The European Union wants to establish a dialogue with Russia, but Moscow is not yet interested in this. This statement was made on Saturday by the head of the Austrian Foreign Ministry. Alexander Schallenberg ahead of the EU summit on May 24, which will discuss relations with Russia.

“Relations [России и ЕС] now as if tense and weighed down. As they say, tango is danced together. The European Union wants dialogue. We want channels for dialogue, but this requires a response that [другая сторона] he wants this too, “the minister said on the air of the O-1 radio station.

According to the minister, Russia is currently not interested in this. “Not now [заинтересованности России]… there is [соответствующие] the signals that we have been receiving recently from Moscow, “the minister added.


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