The expert named a way to get rid of advertising on the phone – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Russians are faced with a slew of unwanted phone advertisements. Arseny Shcheltsin, the head of the Digital Platforms company, spoke about how to get rid of annoying messages.

“If you receive a call from companies whose services you are not interested in or simply don’t need now, then ask to unsubscribe you from the mailing list,” the Prime expert quotes. “If this does not help, you should complain to the FAS. stop pestering you. “

You also need to control pop-up messages from apps. Sometimes social networks, instant messengers or regular entertainment apps start sending intrusive ads. In this case, you need to go to the application settings and remove the option for all applications that should not have it.

Earlier it was reported that every day 29 percent of Russians receive annoying spam ads. Another 24 percent said they receive it once or several times a week, 17 percent – once a month. Most often, spam concerns banking services (73 percent), medical services (34 percent) and communication services (35 percent). These are the results of the latest research by VTsIOM.


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