The expert spoke about compensation to tourists for canceled tours to Turkey

The day before, the operational headquarters to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection limited air traffic with Turkey and suspended air traffic with Tanzania from April 15 to June 1.

It would be best for tourists to postpone the tours in accordance with the recommendations of the Federal Tourism Agency, Osaulenko noted. This applies to both tours with departures after June 1, 2021 and with departures from April 15 to June 1, 2021.

“We hope that first of all tourists will listen to the recommendations of the Federal Tourism Agency and postpone the tours. Because any return of the tour incurs certain losses,” he said.

Any foreign tour assumes that the money paid by the tourist is transferred to the service company before the trip. “As experience shows, we will not wait for the return of this money,” the expert explained.

The procedure for transferring tours or their cancellation will be determined by the agreement that the tourist signed with the tour operator. At the same time, the operational headquarters instructed the Federal Tourism Agency and the Federal Air Transport Agency to give their proposals on the use of mechanisms that would help resolve the issue of compensation or postponement of tours. “So far we have not seen these proposals and are waiting for what proposals they will be,” said Osaulenko.

However, there is already a mechanism worked out in 2020, which allows the tour operator to postpone tours and not make direct refunds until the end of 2021, with the exception of some social categories of citizens. It would be logical if the same mechanisms apply to this situation. Otherwise, bankruptcies of tour operators may occur as a result of massive demands for a refund, and then the tourist will not receive either rest or money, Osaulenko noted.

Those tourists who are now in Turkey will be able to return on scheduled flights, since there are no evacuation requirements. For those tourists who decide to return earlier, the issue of compensation for the unused part of the tour will be decided on the basis of an agreement with the tour operator. In addition, it will be necessary to look at the documents that must be accepted, Osaulenko noted. “The executive authorities must provide a documentary response to the decision of the operational headquarters,” he said.


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