The explosion of nautical rodeos worries the Marseille authorities

INFO LE FIGARO – To stem these overflows which threaten swimmers, a member of the Bouches-du-Rhône wants to make it possible to seize jet-skis and create impoundments for boats.

Wild rodeos don’t just happen on our streets anymore. For some time now, the phenomenon has sprung up at sea. Abandoning the motorbike, jumping on a jet ski, gangs of young people are sowing panic along our coasts. Slalom between boats or follow in their wake to surf the eddies, they also race each other. It’s funny, it goes fast, it intoxicates, and in this period of health crisis, it lets off steam.

Except that these wild rodeos are practiced in defiance of the most basic safety rules, brushing against swimmers and other quiet boaters. According to the maritime prefecture of the Mediterranean, those who indulge in it are real dangers. “They don’t know anything about uses at sea and they use jet-skis whose power is formidable ”, worries Dominique Dubois, head of the “State action at sea” division. To free themselves from all rules, such as the compulsory possession of a permit, these go through wild rental companies.

Total impunity

In Marseille,

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