The false solutions – 08/04/2021 – Julio Abramczyk

There are always unscrupulous people who seek to profit from false solutions to real problems.

The latest false solution came with the offer of false vaccines against Covid-19, replaced in their content with saline, reportedly.

Captain Jason Humbert, from the health fraud department of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), an American agency equivalent to our Anvisa, suggests how to avoid falling for the vaccine scam.

In addition to its sale on the internet being prohibited, payment is usually requested in advance of your application or reservation.

Another potential scam is the provision of tests for Covid-19 and false or substandard protective equipment.

Drugs are also offered, either in capsules or in liquid form, and more recently for nasal application and skin products. However, there are currently no drugs approved for the treatment of Covid-19 by the FDA, informs Minerva Rogers, director of the agency’s health fraud sector.

Fraudulent products, he explains, are offered in a way that looks like a reputable medicine, even sold by people who present themselves as doctors on the internet.

These products have completely false personal testimonies, exclusivity in their commercialization and reimbursement of expenses in case of treatment failure.

The spread of offers of false treatments over the internet in our country appeared a long time ago.

Ten years ago, Paulo R. Vasconcellos Silva and collaborators of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation published a study on panaceas disseminated on the internet in the Pan American Journal of Public Health, edited by the Pan American Health Organization / WHO.

The authors explain that the clientele of these frauds, made vulnerable by the disease and the prospect of death that compromise their decision-making capacity, uses the internet to purchase products that in other countries.
contexts would be ignored.

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