The FBI reveals the perpetrator of the attack on the largest meat company in the world

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said that “a hacking group, based in Russia, known for its attacks on prominent American companies” is behind the attack on the largest meat factory in the world.

And (GBS) Brazil is the world’s largest company in the field of meat packing, and the accident caused the closure of its Australian operations, on Monday, and stopped the slaughter of livestock in its factories in many US states.

The hacking group behind the cyber attack is known as REvil, and it is one of 40 groups tracked by cyber security experts, and has been identified as responsible for coordinated attacks on facilities in about two dozen Texas cities in 2019, according to the newspaper. The New York Times, USA.

This group is one of dozens of hacking groups that “have a safe haven in Russia, and members of these groups are rarely arrested or extradited for their crimes,” according to the newspaper.

REvil is known as “Ransomware Evil”, a “ransomware” organization, and it rents its ransomware to other criminals, even if they are technically “incompetent”.

The ransomware attack follows an attack last month by a group with ties to Russia, Darkside, which was affiliated with the Revell Group.

The Dark Side attack targeted the Colonial Pipeline, the largest fuel pipeline in the United States, impeding fuel deliveries for several days in the southeastern United States.

REvil, one of the most sophisticated ransomware groups, has requested up to $50 million to recover data from prominent companies such as Apple, and has targeted about 237 companies and organizations since 2020.

Its attack on the Brazilian meat company GPS in the United States led to the temporary suspension of some operations, at a time when the prices of beef, poultry and pigs were already rising.

And last Tuesday, the White House said that GPS company told the US government that the cyber attack that disrupted meat production in North America and Australia came from a criminal organization likely based in Russia, according to Reuters.

The White House said the United States had contacted the Russian government about the matter, and that the FBI was investigating.

“The White House offered to help GPS and our team at the Department of Agriculture spoke with their leadership several times over the last day,” he added.

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