The first meeting of the Legislative Assembly of the seventh convocation was held in Tver

On Thursday, October 14, the first meeting of the Legislative Assembly of the Tver Region took place. It was attended by Igor Rudenya.

The press service of the regional government said that 40 deputies from five factions were elected to the Legislative Assembly: United Russia, KPRF, LDPR, Fair Russia, and the Party of Pensioners.

– Our task is to justify the hopes of citizens, to concentrate our efforts and administrative resources on the development of the Tver region, on fulfilling our obligations to build up the economy, create new jobs, implement the priorities of our country and the region, the main of which is demographic policy, – said the Governor.

Igor Rudenya said that it is necessary to increase the attractiveness of the region for young people so that they can live and work here. And for this it is necessary to create a good infrastructure in the region and provide people with affordable education.

In the near future, the Legislative Assembly is to adopt the budget for 2022 and the planned ones for 2023-2024. The head of the region stressed that the deputies should become active participants in the implementation of targeted investment programs.


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