The governor of the Sakhalin region insisted on the resignation of the mayor of Uglegorsk

The Governor of the Sakhalin Region Valery Limarenko, during a meeting with the residents of Uglegorsk, proposed to resign the head of the city district, Sergei Doroshchuk.

“The residents assess the work of the head of the municipality unsatisfactory. He suggested that the mayor resign. The main reason is poor communication with the population. The government must hear people. And if someone does not hear, they will hear me,” Valery Limarenkov said on Thursday in his telegram. channel.

The governor added that after this conversation, Doroshchuk made a decision for himself to resign.

According to Limarenko, the work of local authorities with the population in the Uglegorsk urban district is very poor, “therefore, speculation arises.” In this case, we are talking about informing local residents about the elimination of the consequences of a mudflow that blocked the river.

Recall that on the night of July 10, near the temporary storage warehouse of the Solntsevsky coal mine, rock descended into the valley of the Zheltaya River. There were no casualties. The management of the open pit started emergency recovery work. The reasons for the incident are established by a specially created commission.


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