The granddaughter of the poet Ibrahim Naji: “The ruins” that Umm Kulthum sang is not the original poem

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Umm Kulthum

Samia Mahrez, the granddaughter of the late poet Ibrahim Naji, revealed that after she finished her grandfather’s memoirs book and the signing ceremony, she got a copy of the original al-Atlal poem, and it was a pleasant surprise for her.

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During an interview on her program “With You”, the professor and translator in literature, Samia Mahrez, explained: “There is a Saudi doctor that I deal with. “Who thinks love is drunk”…is my favorite clip.

She pointed out that “the song of Al-Atlal sung by Umm Kulthum is not the original poem, and Ahmed Rami intervened in it in order to intensify the love story in the poem.”

The granddaughter of the poet Ibrahim Nagy announced that she “found her grandfather’s diary in her aunt’s house in the United States, including a notebook in his handwriting,” noting that “among the papers, drafts of Shakespeare’s translations, and drafts of ruins, including a draft of his office, Cairo Nights, were incomplete, and were being written and revised it in a different font.

She confirmed that “her grandfather was an encyclopedic man and his interests were also encyclopedic. He was writing in the field of sociology, psychology, translation, articles and about poetry and women. His prose production is more than his production in poetry, but unfortunately we did not pay enough attention.”

Source: “Echo of the Country”

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