The guide spoke about the reasons for the tragedy with the climbers on Elbrus – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

The cause of the accident, which killed and injured the climbers on Elbrus, was the negligence of the guides and neglect of the climbing schedule. This “RG” was told by one of the mountain guides, who is now on the mountain.

– We met this group, as we climbed in the same day. They were very late. We overtook them on the descent. At that moment everything was all right with them. The incident must have happened later, – said the interlocutor of “RG”.

He noted that judging by the fact that the group is being looked for at an altitude of 5400 meters, almost at the very top (Elbrus height is 5642 m – approx. “RG”), it indicates that the climbers began their descent with a strong delay.

– As far as I know, the group leader has no climbing experience. In addition, two guides for a group of 23 people is very little. There should have been at least four of them, ”he added.

Earlier it was reported that 40 rescuers are looking for a group of 19 people, which sent a distress signal from a height of about 5400 meters. One of the climbers broke his leg. At the moment, found 17 of them. Three died.


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