The happiness of being late

PSYCHOLOGY – Annoying for some, the lack of punctuality could translate a healthy and enviable flexibility …

There are those who arrive exactly on time, their predecessors always early … and the eternal latecomers. We sometimes have the impression that they don’t care about the world. Yet all of them tell the same story: they don’t do it on purpose! “Although I plan a wide time slot, I usually arrive at the last minute to get on a train., says Cécile, 42 years old. I’ve missed a lot in my life! I wouldn’t be able to tell you why. I don’t think I hang around more than the others, I feel like I have time. “ Chronic delays which, however, don’t bother her more than that: “At worst, I’ll take the next train.”

Free as the air, latecomers seem to ignore conventions. What if they had one of the secrets of well-being?

In any case, this is what a study published in 2003 in Human Performance by Jeff Conte, professor of psychology at San Diego State University. The pros of improvisation would be

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