The head of Kemi threatened residents with a “truncated lockdown”

The head of the Kemsky District Administration of Karelia Dmitry Petrov promised local residents to introduce additional restrictions if the district does not rise in the ranking in terms of vaccination rates from the last positions.

“The measures will be strengthened. If in two weeks the Kemsky district is still lagging behind in terms of the number of vaccinated, then at the district level a truncated lockdown option will be introduced for the remainder of December and January holidays with the closure of the service sector and part of the shops, “Petrov wrote to VK.

Also, according to him, at enterprises without passports of collective immunity, unvaccinated employees will be “pointwise” removed without pay.

By the end of November, more than 5,000 people were vaccinated in the Kemsky region. This is just over 50% of the adult vaccination plan.


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