The heat in St. Petersburg broke the temperature record of 116 years ago

The air in St. Petersburg warmed up to plus 29.9 degrees on Saturday, which became a record figure for the last 116 years on this day. The leading specialist of the Phobos weather center Mikhail Leus announced this on his Facebook page.

“On June 19, the first summer record of maximum air temperature was recorded in St. Petersburg. At 16:00 Moscow time, the thermometers rose to plus 29.9 degrees. Thus, the previous achievement of this day, which lasted 116 years, was exceeded by 0.1 degrees. <…> Well, the exact value of the new record will be known after 21:00 Moscow time, when readings from the maximum thermometers will be taken, “Leus wrote.

He added that the period of hot weather in the city is “just beginning.” “So meteorologists in the coming days will have to make amendments to the meteorological chronicles more than once,” said the forecaster.

At the same time, according to the chief forecaster of St. Petersburg, Mikhail Kolesov, the air in the city on Saturday warmed up even more – to temperatures above plus 30 degrees. “This afternoon, the air temperature in St. Petersburg increased to plus 30.7 degrees, blocking the extremum of the day plus 29.8 degrees, which was observed in 1905,” Kolesov told TASS.

On Saturday morning, Leus specified in a Facebook post that the temperature record on June 19 for the history of observations was set in 1905 – then the thermometers showed plus 29.8 degrees.

The city administration of the Ministry of Emergency Situations also issued a warning that an abnormal heat is expected in the city from June 19 to June 24. Residents of St. Petersburg are asked, if possible, not to leave the house from 11:00 to 17:00, and they are also recommended to wear hats so as not to get heatstroke. Hot weather is also expected in the Leningrad region.


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