The Hermione, the famous “Frigate of Lights” in the middle of a storm

STORY – Attacked by fungi which are eating away at its hull, the three-master, a replica of La Fayette’s ship, is immobilized and the association that watches over it is desperately looking for financial support to save it.

For “the frigate of freedom”, the blow is hard. Since September 2021, the famous three-master, a faithful replica of L’Hermionethe French warship which took the Marquis de La Fayette to support the insurgents against the English during the American War of Independence, is condemned to remain in dry dock in the port of Bayonne (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) for an indefinite period.

The case begins in the spring of 2021, during a routine maintenance check, when cellar polypores and lenzites, two species of xylophagous fungi (which attack wood, editor’s note)are fortuitously discovered on some sides, pieces of wood constituting the outer skin of the hull. Concentrated aft to port, just below the waterline, the contaminated area was quickly circumscribed and two temporary planks, caulked and covered with a copper plate to ensure maximum watertightness, were put in place. A temporary repair that allows L’Hermione

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