the incidence rate drops below 400 infections for all departments

Key measure for a trouble-free deconfinement, this information should however be analyzed with caution. Indeed, with the weekend of May 1, no test was carried out on Saturday, because of the workers’ day.

The incidence rate, the key to deconfinement, has just fallen below the bar of 400 infections per 100,000 inhabitants for all French departments. During his announcement of release from confinement in four phases on April 29, Emmanuel Macron had mentioned “emergency health brakes”: if the incidence rate were to pass above the 400 new patients of Covid-19 , the government could then postpone the lifting of health restrictions in the department concerned.

Even if all the departments have just turned green – or red as can be seen in the map below – this information should be analyzed with caution. Indeed, with the weekend of May 1, no test was carried out on Saturday, because of the workers’ day. The highest levels are found in Val-de-Marne, Seine-Saint-Denis, Essonne and Val-d’Oise.

Key deconfinement measures

Thursday April 29, Emmanuel Macron announced a deconfinement in four stages: May 3, end of certificates and travel restrictions. On May 19, curfew postponed to 9 p.m. and reopening of shops, terraces and museums, cinemas and theaters with limited gauges. On June 9, curfew at 11 p.m. and cafes, restaurants and sports halls open. Finally, on June 30, the curfew ends.

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However, if these measures are for the moment national, the government could “activate “health emergency brakes” in areas where the virus circulates too much“, Conceded the president. At the time of his speech, ten departments were in this category.

Three conditions would block the exit from confinement measures in a metropolis or a department:

  • if the incidence rate again exceeds 400 infections per 100,000 inhabitants
  • if there is a very sudden increase in this rate
  • if the intensive care units are threatened with saturation.

If the incidence rate is decreasing, this Tuesday, May 5, a drop is also observed in intensive care units in France: 2,230 critical care admissions, including 1,519 intensive care admissions, were recorded over the last 7 days, against 2,705, including 1,844 intensive care admissions last week, according to figures published by Santé Publique France.

Even if the indicators are starting to turn green, the situation remains tense in hospitals, with more than 5,500 Covid-19 patients in intensive care units on Tuesday. They were 5,630 the day before and 5,943 seven days ago.

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