“The Islamist bomb against the secular compromise”

CHRONICLE – We thought we had finished, in France, with the question of religion in its relations with politics, but now it resurfaces with the push of Islam. The historian and essayist, whom our readers find every first Monday of the month, underlines how significant the renewed intellectual interest in the origins and future of Christianity is.

Jacques Julliard is a columnist for the weekly Marianne.

Religion in its relations with politics: this is a question that in the West, and in France in particular, we had, after heated confrontations, believed to be outdated and which resurfaces today with the gradual establishment of Islam in the land of yesteryear. Christian. To this question, which has once again become fundamental and even obsessive, the intellectuals who claim to be Marxism, or even the “French Theory”, as the Americans say, the parties and in particular the parties of the left, but also the Churches, and especially the Catholic Church, respond with a truly astounding silence.

Of the need for a civil religion

Not that the question is new. The majority of 18th century philosopherse century believe in the need for a popular religion, either in a purely utilitarian or even cynical way in the manner of Voltaire (“I want my attorney, my tailor, my valets to believe in God; and I imagine that I will be robbed of it less!”), either way

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