The keys to understanding the great maneuvers in the Pacific

DECRYPTION – China’s growing hegemony in Asia and Oceania is pushing the United States into a political and military response, including through major naval exercises. With unprecedented but cautious participation from France.

1. The Chinese “mare nostrum”

Since last year, the largest war fleet in the world no longer flies the star-spangled flag. According to US naval intelligence, the Chinese navy has overtaken that of the United States: at the end of 2020, it numbered 360 ships compared to 297 for the US Navy. From now on, the People’s Republic intends to deploy its force, not only on the sea lanes close to its coasts but also towards the archipelagos of the South Pacific.

Since Brexit, France is the last state of the European Union in the Pacific

A member of the government

In recent years, Beijing has not ceased to create accomplished facts: artificial islets in the China Sea, occupation of the Whitsun reef in the Spratly Islands, located in the exclusive economic zone of the Philippines, an aggressive attitude of its coast guards. The assertion of Chinese power, whether political, economic or military, worries its Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Filipino neighbors, and greatly concerns Australia, which has become a regular target of Beijing. The military navy that China has acquired in record time has become a

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