The Kuwaiti government is absent from one of its sessions due to the parliament sitting on its seats

National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Ali Al-Ghanim announced the adjournment of the regular parliament session scheduled for today, Tuesday, due to the absence of the government due to the deputies sitting on the seats allocated to the government in the (Abdullah Al-Salem) hall.

Al-Ghanim said in a speech before the session was adjourned, “The government informed me that it will not attend today’s session, which is extended to tomorrow’s session, because of the presence of deputies on government seats, and therefore the session is adjourned.”

The Speaker of the National Assembly had adjourned the last two ordinary sessions, on May 25 and April 27, for “the government’s non-attendance due to the presence of deputies on the seats designated for the government in (Abdullah Al-Salem) hall.”

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