The League of Suburban Clubs – 05/03/2021 – Alvaro Costa e Silva

The cheating of the richest clubs in Europe – who intend to perpetuate themselves as the absolute owners of the ball, playing only among themselves in the sponsored arenas, in front of select spectators – did not work. For a while. You can bet that the Dirty Dozen will once again impose their elitist plans, with the strength of money and the applause of the poor sofa fans.

As soon as I heard about the Superliga, I thought of São Cristóvão, who is making a kitty to raise R $ 150 thousand – amount that does not pay the salary of the Real Madrid wardrobe – and reopen the stadium on Figueira de Melo street, without receiving games for 12 years. Renamed Ronaldo Nazário, to remember that the Phenomenon was born there, the old trapdoor today displays a “first world” lawn, guarantee the top hats of the club that asked for permission not to compete in the C Series (fifth division) of the Carioca Championship.

Anyone who remembers the times when the lawn was mowed by five sheep has something to celebrate. There were also goats, but they were eaten one by one, as revealed in a report from Realidade magazine, published in 1968, showing the decadence of the team of aristocratic past, linked to Army cadets, champion in 1926. “This year again”, their few, but passionate, followers will always believe.

The Ronaldinho stadium is a delight for those who like football. You stay close to the field, hear the sound of kicking the ball — vup! —And, glued to the fence, you can compliment the linesman at will. There are others in Rio with the same almost lost grace: those of Bangu, Campo Grande, Portuguesa da Ilha, Pottery, Bonsucesso, Madureira and even Vasco, in São Januário.

Hence, the Fantastic Suburban Club League could be created to compete with the Gringa Super League. With diplomatic nods to Fluminense and Botafogo and the complete exclusion of Flamengo, clearly a millionaire and European team.

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