The Lebanese Interior Minister reveals the latest developments in the Beirut clashes: sniping on the heads

Bassam Mawlawi, the Lebanese Minister of Interior, said that the security services were surprised by the transformation of the demonstrations into an armed clash, revealing that the shells fired during the demonstration were of the “B7” type.

The Lebanese Minister of Interior revealed, during a press conference, the latest developments in the situation in Beirut, confirming the death of 6 people from one side in the clashes that took place in Beirut so far, commenting: “Sniping was on the heads.”

The Lebanese Minister of Interior added, “We will ask the government to take everything necessary to control the security situation in the areas of Chiyah and Ain al-Remmaneh, noting that the Mikati government is for rescue and work, and is not the one who is sabotaging the situation in the country.”

The minister warned against the situation, saying: “It is not in anyone’s interest, and this portends serious matters.”

Today, the vicinity of the Palace of Justice in Beirut witnessed demonstrations by a number of citizens protesting the politicization of the Beirut Port issue, which necessitated a heavy security deployment of the army inside the precincts of the Palace of Justice.

The investigations into the Beirut port explosion witnessed a halt for the third time. For its part, the Lebanese Council of Ministers decided to continue researching the circumstances surrounding the forensic investigation into the Beirut port explosion crime.

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