the mayor marked the homes of patients with Covid-19

The Venezuelan prosecution has opened an investigation into the practices of the mayor of the town of Sucre, 300 kilometers west of Caracas, who had started marking the homes of patients with Covid-19, the prosecutor announced on Wednesday April 7.

Luis Adrian Duque, pro-Chavez pro-power mayor, scored “In a macabre way the homes of patients suffering from Covid-19” as part of a prevention campaign, prosecutor Tarek William Saab wrote on Twitter. According to the magistrate, it is an act of “segregation”. The Public Prosecutor’s Office made “Remove the unusual posters stuck on the houses”, he specifies. According to videos on social networks, the mayor had posters with a red circle crossed out on the walls of the homes of the sick. “On all homes where there is a Covid patient, there you go! Alert! Conscience is the best vaccine “, said the mayor proudly in front of a poster.

Venezuela, 30 million inhabitants, is facing a second wave of the pandemic since the arrival of the “Brazilian variant”. The country has recorded 165,000 cases including more than 20,000 in March, for just under 1,700 deaths since the start of the pandemic, according to official figures. The opposition and NGOs believe that these figures are largely underestimated.


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