The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation clarified the categories of citizens who will not be subject to partial mobilization

As reported on Friday in the military department, the decision is connected with the need to “ensure the work of individual high-tech industries, as well as the country’s financial system.” In this regard, citizens with higher education in certain specialties and workers in certain areas will not be recruited for military service as part of partial mobilization.

⁃ employees of accredited organizations operating in information technologyas well as those involved in the development, development, implementation, maintenance and operation of solutions in the field of information technology and ensuring the functioning of information infrastructure;

⁃ employees of Russian telecom operatorsinvolved in ensuring the stability, safety and integrity of the functioning of structures communications, data centersas well as means and communication lines of general use;

⁃ employees backbone organizations in the field of information and communication. As well as their interdependent persons who are the founder and (or) editorial office and (or) publisher of a registered media outlet and (or) broadcaster of a TV channel, radio channel and media involved in the production and (or) distribution of media products;

⁃ employees of organizations, ensuring the stability of the national payment system and financial market infrastructure. As well as employees of companies engaged in bank liquidity management, cash circulation.

It is noted that the basis for exemption from the involvement of citizens in conscription for military service during the transported partial mobilization will be lists submitted by the heads of the above organizations to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation “according to the established form”.

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