The Ministry of Labor offered to investigate every scratch received at work

The nuances of accounting for microtraumas among employees are described in the new recommendations of the department

The Ministry of Labor intends to conduct real investigations into every bruise or scratch received in the workplace. Not a single splinter and speck in the worker’s eye will remain unaccounted for.

The department has prepared a draft of recommendations for accounting for micro-injuries of workers. As the name implies, the rules will be optional. But at the same time, officials emphasize that a system for recording minor injuries at workplaces is needed primarily to prevent much more serious incidents that can end in tragedy. So employers are advised to authorize one of the employees to collect anamnesis from all other colleagues: if someone hurts himself in the office, scratches his finger, gets an abrasion or bruise, the authorized person should know about it. Further, the “microtraumatized” worker will have to write an explanation: where, when, under what circumstances an ill-fated speck in the eye or a splinter overtook him. It is also recommended to conduct an inspection of the scene and the involvement of the victim’s boss. It will also be useful to interview eyewitnesses. The document takes a day for the entire investigation. If necessary, you can stretch it over two days. Microtrauma data will be recorded in a special log, and it is planned to fill out a certificate for each incident.


Sergey Chinnov, Deputy Chairman of the Moscow Federation of Trade Unions, comments: “It is unclear how this document will work. Who will understand the causes of microtraumas? If the employer himself, then in 90 percent of cases, the employee will be blamed: he did not follow safety precautions, did not use PPE, and so on. Or maybe, in fact, it was the employer who did not instruct the employee or did not provide him with protective equipment. At decent enterprises, the facts of microtrauma have always been sorted out. But labor inspectorates are already unable to cope with more serious cases. So it is not yet clear who and how will analyze the causes of microtraumas. “

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 28561 dated June 18, 2021

Newspaper headline:
Not a single scratch can be hidden from the boss?


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