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24 teams and 48 jerseys: from June 11 to July 11, the nations participating in the Euro will be able to proudly display their tunics, at home and away. Which country has inherited the most beautiful design? Who deeply lacked taste? Dive into the couture aspect of the next European football championship.

The most beautiful: Finland and Austria stand out

For the first time in its history, Finland will participate in a major competition (Euro-World Cup). The Nordic nation has taken care of its entry into the scene through its home jersey, perhaps the most beautiful of the Euro. Immaculate white, it is marked with a cross similar to the one on the Finnish flag. The gradient, which goes from a very dark navy blue to a lighter blue, goes perfectly with white. Among the rivals in the category of the most beautiful jersey, we can mention Austria and its red and white tunic which exudes a very elegant tradition aspect (visible here), as well as England whose sobriety of the white jersey gives it a refined style.

The ugliest: Iberian derby between Spain and Portugal

If you were in front of your TV on Friday night, you might have seen the two worst jerseys Euro 2020 will have in store for us. Spain were held in check in Madrid by Portugal (0-0) in a warm-up match. La Roja wore his home jersey with an abstract grid pattern. The different shades of red, light and dark, are not worthy of the tunics that the Spaniards wore during their coronations at Euro 2008 then 2012. On the Portuguese side, we wore a greenish jersey crossed out by horizontal red, green and red stripes. black. An incomprehensible design, far from the 2016 away shirt of a green more highlighted by its darker sleeves.

The most original: the sun rises in North Macedonia

Like Finland, North Macedonia is getting noticed for its first major tournament. His home shirt is dominated by red, but eight yellow rays emerge from the logo of the North Macedonian Football Federation. A real touch of originality in reference to the flag adopted in 1995. Note that North Macedonia is, with Ukraine, the only nation that is not equipped by Nike, Adidas or Puma. Both countries trust the German brand Jako which, unlike the others, offers perfectly identical home and away jerseys, except for the colors which vary.

The most “pajamas”: England and her nightgown

As we have seen, the English home jersey is sumptuously simple. But as for the away jersey, it’s a 180 degree turn. The Three Lions were used to a red jersey and white shorts, as was still the case at the 2018 World Cup. This summer, we have to make way for a navy blue jersey with patterns and very fine vertical stripes, highlighted by fluorescent red on both logos and on the sides. Its polo collar with buttons gives it an ideal pajama style so as not to catch a cold on a balmy summer night. Not very football.

The most ecological: Croatia changes (almost) nothing

Years go by and Croatia’s shirts hardly change. This summer, we will find the famous red and white checkerboard, symbol of an entire nation and present on the Croatian flag. A tunic particularly similar to the one worn at the Russian World Cup in 2018, as well as at Euro 2012. In Croatia, we think ecological and we recycle.


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