the motto of Narcissus on a scooter “

TRIBUNE – While a woman died in Paris hit by a scooter, the journalist and novelist describes a symptomatic phenomenon of a new ultra-individualistic world. This urban equivalent of the selfie is just one more manifestation of contemporary narcissism, she worries.

Often, on the sidewalks, they brush against us in silence. We want to say “Be careful, anyway!” or “You could at least honk your horn!” But no. They wouldn’t hear. Their eyes fixed on the small screen of their mobile which they hold with one hand, their ears plugged by headphones – unless, tight against each other, precariously balanced on their fragile skiff, they are not staring at the horizon – they glide, indifferent, through their new world. A world where you can’t see red lights, cars or doors that open, pedestrians, or even grandmothers walking with difficulty leaning on their canes and young mothers walking their babies. A world above the rules of the common life of old world mortals. They pass us absently.

These are the scooters. In three years, their number has exploded. More than 500,000 scooters were sold in France last year, used by more than 2 million young and old who

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