The Philadelphia magazine tries to engage Marianne and the eldest daughter of the Church

TESTS LIBRARY – The first issue of this annual publication aims to restore the reputation of the Republican motto.

“Liberty, equality, fraternity”, proclaim the authors of the annual review Philadelphia. This first issue aims to restore the Republican motto to its nobility. The journal’s initiative Philadelphia – a term which etymologically means “love of the brothers” – goes back to an eponymous think-tank, led by Father Bertrand Auville. It is made up of Christians involved in public life such as essayist Thibaut Dary and journalist Émilie de Lépinau, who are keen to shed light on political and anthropological issues.

“The republican motto speaks of the spiritual sources of France and its ever-reviving hopes”, argues one of the authors, Guillaume Leclerc. Fallen into disuse under the Empire, this motto reappeared during the revolution of 1848. The Church perceives in it a concentration of Christian values: priests celebrate fraternity in Jesus Christ and bless the trees of freedom.

The authors regret today

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