“The physical aggression against the President of the Republic is the sign of the disintegration of French society”

FIGAROVOX / TRIBUNE – The President of the Republic was slapped by a man present in the crowd, during his trip to the Drôme. This unjustifiable act is the obvious sign of the collapse of French democracy, believes essayist Maxime Tandonnet.

A keen observer of French political life and regular contributor to the FigaroVox, Maxime Tandonnet has notably published André Tardieu. The misunderstood (Perrin, 2019).

Physical attacks against a sitting Head of State (other than assassinations or attempted assassinations) are exceptional in the history of the Republic. Two in particular have passed on to posterity.

On June 3, 1899, Émile Loubet was hit with a cane by a royalist activist while attending the Auteuil races. This act of violence directed against the President of the Republic reflects the explosive climate that is plaguing French society in the context of the aftermath of the Panama affair, one of the greatest politico-financial scandals of the Third Republic and especially in the aftermath of ” a judgment of the Court of Cassation annulling the prison sentence of Alfred Dreyfus (this French officer of Jewish faith wrongly accused of espionage in favor of Germany and victim of a judicial error

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