the procession of a wedding blocks traffic, participants attack the gendarmes

While they were intervening in Méry-sur-Oise to regulate traffic, several gendarmes were taken to task by the guests. Four soldiers were injured and an investigation was opened.

The ceremony ended in blood sausage. Saturday, September 25 in Méry-sur-Oise, not far from Pontoise, the celebration of a marriage turned into a fight with the military. According to the gendarmerie, who confirmed to Figaro Information from Actu17, the guests violently attacked the gendarmes who had come to streamline traffic on Avenue Marcel-Perrin, greatly hampered by the procession.

In total, four gendarmes were “slightly injured“And many law enforcement vehicles were damaged, a gendarmerie officer told us. According to our information, an investigation was opened by the public prosecutor of Pontoise in order to find the perpetrators of this violence.

Three gendarmes surrounded by 70 “hostile” people

The gendarmes were warned by Mérysiens who saw red. At the end of the Saturday afternoon, a hundred flowered vehicles disembarked in front of the castle of Méry-sur-Oise, which is the pride of the town. The Mérysiens initially believed that the procession had momentarily stopped to admire the residence where Henri IV stayed, and where Omar Sy shot a scene for the film “Chocolate”. But now, an hour later, the procession was still there and many people in suits were not only completely blocking traffic in this small town of 9,000 inhabitants, but also access to the A16 motorway.

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Three gendarmes then intervened, asking the guests to move their vehicles. “As the participants did not behave in an exemplary manner, the gendarmes of Méry tried to discuss with them, so that they respect the parking rules and in order to avoid blocking the arteries.», Explains to Figaro an officer. But the guests do not hear it that way: they explain that they have made about thirty kilometers from Méru to arrive in Méry, that they are in the middle of a photoshoot, and that it is therefore out of the question for them. to move. The gendarmes insist. Tone up. The first insults and threats rain down.

«The crowd, at first very excited, became threatening», Tells us an officer. In a few minutes, the gendarmes meet “surrounded by about 70 hostile people“. Some do not hesitate to physically attack the representatives of the order. Worried, they decide to throw a few tear gas bombs in order to be able to withdraw into their vehicles and call for reinforcements. The guests then seize “metal cafe chairs and tablesWhich they use as a projectile.

But while about sixty gendarmes arrived urgently on the spot, the spoilers took fright and “the whole convoy disperses in nature», We are told. Appraisal: four soldiers wounded and six cars damaged by the metal chairs.

An investigation was opened on Monday, September 27 to try to identify the organizers of the wedding, the participants and the members who attacked the soldiers. Most of them have filed a complaint, according to a source familiar with the matter. The perpetrators of the aggression risk a conviction for “traffic safety offense” but also for “assault with weapons against gendarmes”. No injuries on the side of the wedding participants were reported.


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