“The proliferation of wind turbines, the next disaster after the nuclear fiasco”

Patrice Cahart. fc

TRIBUNE – The bill intended to “accelerate renewable energies” intends to remove the rare legislative obstacles which further slow down the proliferation of wind turbines, the harmfulness of which is nevertheless proven both for local residents and for animals and landscapes, is alarmed Honorary Inspector General of Finance.

Patrice Cahart is a former student of the ENA. Former senior civil servant in the Ministry of Finance. He is notably the author of Aeolian Plague (Editions Hugo & Cie, 2021).

The government will table a bill at the end of September intended to “accelerate renewable energies”, that is to say, essentially, wind power and photovoltaics. In its current form, this text suffers from serious flaws.

For four years, wind projects with less than twenty machines (that is to say the vast majority) could be admitted without having been the subject of an “environmental assessment”. This examination of the effects of projects on the environment is one of the pillars of our ecological policy. Without it, a lot of harmful installations could arise. Even environmentalists are moved by this measure.

Another section of the bill would facilitate deforestation to make way for wind turbines and photovoltaic collectors. France would thus turn its back on the policy of reforestation…

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