The prosecutor’s office obliged to mothball the Gergardt mill in Volgograd

The court ruled on the need to take measures to preserve the cultural heritage site “Historical reserve – the ruins of the mill. Grudinin “.

As part of media monitoring, prosecutors checked information about the damage to the pediment of a historic building known as Gerhardt’s mill. It turned out that the cultural heritage site requires emergency emergency response work. The experts also concluded that it is necessary to begin the procedure for the conservation of the building so as not to harm people and preserve the historical object for the future, the regional prosecutor’s office said.

© Photo: Publishing House “Volgogradskaya Pravda” / Kirill Braga / archive

In this regard, the Prosecutor’s Office of the Central District sent a claim to the court to impose such a duty on the State Historical and Memorial Museum-Reserve “Battle of Stalingrad”. The museum staff will have to develop a project and carry out a complex of emergency operations.

The court upheld the demand of the prosecutor’s office and fully satisfied the claim. As the decision comes into legal force, the prosecutor’s office will take control of it.


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