the report to the government points to the “insufficient” reactivity of Orange

A government-commissioned report is released on Thursday. It lists tracks to prevent a similar event from happening again.

The operator Orange has shown responsiveness “insufficient“During the malfunction of the emergency numbers system in France at the beginning of June, points Thursday the report commissioned by the government, which puts forward various avenues to prevent future similar failures. “It is clear from reading the report that there were shortcomings on the part of the company», Noted Cédric O, Secretary of State for Digital, during a briefing.

On June 2, between 4:45 p.m. and midnight, nearly 12,000 calls had not been sent, according to an internal investigation by the group. Orange had said that this crisis, to which six deaths are potentially linked, was due to a “bug»Software, a track confirmed by the report piloted by the French public IT security agency (Anssi).

The blackout had provoked strong political reactions and renewed the debate on the system of emergency numbers, of which some players want the merger, while the authorities had had to set up alternative 10-digit numbers to reach the emergency services. Cédric O welcomes these initiatives “which greatly reduced the impact of the blackout and avoided even more dramatic consequences.»

Two hours before informing the authorities of the failure

The incumbent operator is scolded in this report for having first of all poorly prepared his technical intervention which caused the bug and then reacted too slowly. “Orange took nearly an hour to realize that the outage affected the emergency services in particular, two hours to inform the authorities and nearly three hours to put in place an appropriate system. This is due to several internal malfunctions at Orange», Notes the document consulted by AFP.

During a press briefing, the government clarified that “the essence of this report is not to seek responsibilities, which will be the eventual work of justice, but to identify the dysfunctions in order to be able to correct them.»

In order to prevent such a situation from happening again, various avenues are proposed to the government. This involves, for example, setting up an alert escalation system and technical supervision specific to emergency numbers among operators, or systematically carrying out tests before any technical intervention on critical equipment.

The government therefore plans to modify the regulatory framework by the end of 2021 in order to strengthen the obligations of result concerning the routing of emergency calls. In the coming days, it will also seize the telecoms regulator, so that it appreciates Orange’s compliance with its regulatory obligations. A crisis exercise must also be carried out within six months.

Orange had drawn up an initial list of recommendations following its internal investigation, such as the objective of “reduce from two hours to a maximum of thirty minutes»The delay in triggering a crisis unit, in such a situation. Their implementation must be verified, as well as the taking into account of those of the report published on Thursday, claim the authors of the latter.

In a statement sent to AFP, Orange said that it “takes note“Of this report and that it”committed to reviewing its procedures and its organization, in conjunction with the State services on the management of emergency numbers», In accordance with the recommendations made.


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