“The Republican front is enough”

VIDEO – Whatever the regions, the collaboration and alliances between the left forces are “variable geometry“, Confirms the deputy of the North and coordinator of France Insoumise, Wednesday, on the set of” Talk Le Figaro “.

The left is struggling. Intermediate elections, which were not a great success in the regional, which promises to be as complicated … It no longer manages to seduce. Whatever the regions, the collaboration and alliances between the left forces are “variable geometry“, Confirms Adrien Quatennens Wednesday, on the set of” Talk Le Figaro “. If LFI is rather absent from this election, it is because “we are a fairly young movement, it is clear that we do not have the networks of elected officials formed for years», Defends the deputy LFI du Nord. If in Hauts-de-France, the lefts have managed to get along and unite, behind the ecologist Karima Delli, credited to date with 23%, in Paca, that’s another story. In order not to “add to the chaos”, LFI has also given up on presenting a list. “Our decision is the result of the irresponsibility of our partners», Denounces the coordinator of La France insoumise.

Saturday demonstration

According to the rebel, abstention is “Sociologically marked”, rather at “Young people, workers and employees”, according to opinion polls, a rather left-wing electorate. As such, if the entire political class is collectively worried about abstention, why does the State not deploy “Major campaigns to call for a vote?”, points out the elected LFI. No doubt about it, “Abstention is political”. The objective of LFI, “To bring back those rejected from politics”, convince people to mobilize. “I appeal to those who stand aside today, don’t let others decide for you, participate”, hammers the elect.

Another phenomenon that worries around this election, the rise of the RN. Where Marine Le Pen’s party could prevail, will LFI choose the Republican front? “People have it over their heads, it doesn’t work”, loose the deputy from the North. For him, what is clear is that we must stop making everyone feel guilty, “Those primarily responsible for the rise of the RN, are those who vote for the extreme right”, he assures. “Stop asking us to account for something for which we are not responsible”, he insists again, “The republican front is enough“. In the event of a victory for the RN, LFI’s message will be that “no voice should go to the extreme right “, assume the 30-year-old, because “We are not pushing back the far right, by calling to vote for its main providers”.

In the aftermath of the attack on the Head of State, the entire political class condemned the violence in politics “In the Republic, we do not settle accounts with anything other than ballots”, also confirmed the chosen one. As such, he “Alert on extreme right-wing violence” and calls to demonstrate for freedoms and against the spread of the extreme right, this Saturday, June 12. At a time when Jean-Luc Mélenchon is stuck in a controversy, following his remarks which have caused much ink to flow, “The controversy came to avoid talking about the essential”, clarifies Adrien Quatennens, adding that on the other hand, the boss of LFI said, “That the terrorist organizations, choose their moment to weigh on our democracies”. End of the story.

Adrien Quatennens: that “the State makes a major campaign to call for the vote” – Watch on Figaro Live


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