The results of the DEG were published in a timely manner at two in the morning after the end of the elections / News / Nezavisimaya Gazeta

Representatives of the technical group of the Moscow Public Headquarters for Election Observation have confirmed the accuracy of the transcript of the votes sent on the Internet during the September 17-19 elections, the head of the headquarters said. Alexey Venediktov… According to him, the data was published at 2:00 on the night of September 19-20, that is, on time.

Recall that in Moscow, more than 2 million voters were included in the register of remote electronic voting, the turnout for online voting among Muscovites was 96.5%. According to the results of the elections, United Russia was in the lead, which will receive 324 mandates in the new State Duma. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation (57 deputies), A Just Russia – Patriots – For Truth (27 mandates), the Liberal Democratic Party (21 mandates), New People (13 seats) will also be represented in parliament, and the Party of Growth will have one deputy each, Civil Platform “and” Motherland ”


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