the right confirms its advance, the left resists, the RN retreats and LREM does not weigh

With 38% of the vote nationwide according to initial estimates, The Republicans and their allies appear to be the leading political force within one year of the presidential election.

The awakening of the old world. While the results of the first round of regional elections last week appeared as a surprise in view of recent polls, the first estimates of the second round, published this Sunday, confirm the trends observed.

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The right indeed comes out of this election with the status of the country’s leading political force, since the Republicans and their allies obtained 38% of the votes nationwide, according to the Ifop-Fiducial institute for LCI / TF1. They are ahead of the union of the left and environmentalists, which resists well with 34.5% of the vote.

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A new slap for the party of Emmanuel Macron

Behind, the National Rally is severely blamed, with only 20.5%. This is a real disappointment for the party of Marine Le Pen, who relied on this streak to win one or more regions, and thereby build momentum for the presidential election of 2022.

Finally, as was to be expected, the presidential majority brought up the rear very far behind, with barely 7%. This new slap, after that of the municipal elections of 2020, cruelly confirms the lack of local anchoring from which La République en Marche, the party of Emmanuel Macron, suffers.

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